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    Guaranteed Acceptance Medical Coverage​​

    Limited Medical, Guaranteed Acceptance Medical Coverage

    If you have been turned down for medically underwritten medical options or missed your open enrollment period, then Guaranteed Acceptance Medical Coverage may be a great solution for you. Total Care Insurance Agency works with two of the Top Limited Medical Plans available on the market: Cardinal Choice & CoreHealth Insurance. Both options offer immediate coverage, and use a National PPO network of providers. 

    In addition, we offer a guaranteed acceptance Short Term Medical Plan through Merit STM. This type of coverage can be used as a GAP until you are able to enroll in a traditional medical plan. Below you can run a quote for each option, and enroll for coverage online. 

    If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance. 

    Cardinal Choice Quote

    Cardinal Choice

    Cardinal Choice Accident and Sickness Hospital Indemnity plan is underwritten by FEDERAL INSURANCE COMPANY, a Chubb company. 
    Cardinal Choice Quote
    Core Health Insurance Quote
    Quote Health Insurance Quote - Limited Medical
    CoreHealth Insurance Quote

    Merit STM - Short Term Medical

    A national association that represents America's small and medium sized businesses via networking, advocacy, and information sharing. Roughly forty-one million Americans go without healthcare ever day; families of the self-employed, or those working for small businesses, make up sixty percent of that total. The NCE seeks to provide its members with reliable services, resources, and benefits regardless of one's circumstances or means.

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    Guaranteed Acceptance Medical Coverage

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