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    Dental & Vision Insurance

    Total Care Insurance Agency is proud to work with  Spirit Dental & Vision, and Direct Vision Insurance. These carriers offer some of the best Dental & Vision plans available. Please review the highlights of each carrier below, and then click on the quote button to compare plans and prices

    Spirit Dental & Vision Quote


    Your Pain Doesn't Wait, Why Should You?                              

    Because healthy teeth and gums are vital to overall good health. To help you keep your oral health on track, Spirit Dental offers a range of affordable dental insurance solutions.


    For Families, Individuals, and Seniors Without The Wait.

    Whether you’re looking for individual, senior or family insurance we’ve got you covered, with guaranteed acceptance and no waiting periods*.  With Spirit Dental, you’ll find the plan you need to maintain your oral health without draining your budget. Compare Spirit Dental to other insurance plans and you’ll see for yourself what we already know – We are in it for the “little people of America”.  Spirit Dental provides a wide range of affordable plans and benefits and has a professional licensed staff dedicated to helping you.lternatively, when you select a text box.

    With a Spirit Dental Plan:

    No Waiting Periods
    Choose Your Own Dentist Option
    Three Cleanings Per Year
    Implants and Major Services Covered
    Lifetime Deductible
    Up to $5,000 Annual Max Beginning on Year Three
    Optional Vision Coverage
    30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    Every Day Effective Dates

    Spirit Dental Quote
    Direct Vision Insurance Quote

    Direct Vision Insurance

    Why enroll in a Vision Insurance Plan?

    Because Protecting your eyes starts with routine eye exams - and benefits for eye exams start on day one.

    You’ll like what you see with Direct Vision:

    Value and Savings

    Use a network doctor and maximize your benefits. And, receive discounts and savings on frames, glasses and sunglasses.


    Choose the eyewear that’s right for you and your budget. From classic styles to the latest designer fashions, you’ll find hundreds of options for you and your family.

    Choice of Providers

    The Direct Vision Insurance plans include in-network and out-of-network benefits. Choose from EyeMed or VSP network plans.  Why choose a network? When you use a network provider you maximize your benefits with low co-pays and overall lower out-of pocket costs.

    If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, these plans provide you with an allowance for each service and you are responsible for any costs above those amounts.

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